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16,10 EUR*
Details Thirty Days to a Good Job: The Systematic Job-hunting Program That Will Help You Find Profitable Employment in One Month or Less

30 Days to a Good Job Corporate downsizing has left American job hunters confused, anxious, and desperate. Yet there are jobs available in many small- and medium-sized companies. This intensive program will help job seekers find profitable employment ...

14,75 EUR*
Details How to get that job: The complete guide to getting hired

The ultimate all-in-one guide to job hunting success. Getting an edge in the hunt for work is vital and this book offers the edge that millions are missing. This no-nonsense, highly practical and outcome focussed guide to the whole process of job ...

11,95 EUR*
Details The Coming JOB BOOM: Why the Employment Market for Young Graduates Has Never Been Better

New graduates and job hunters, listen up: The job market is about to get good. Very good. Experts agree that the job market of the next 10-15 years is shaping up to be hotter than anything we've ever seen before. Powerful demographic forces are ...